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Vibrant neighborhoods don’t just happen. They’re the result of years of hard work and effort. Investing time and money is an important part of strengthening our stellar neighborhood.

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Summer 2017 Newsletter
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OHI Board of Directors: Goals for 2019

The OHI Board of Directors met early this year to set a series of goals and objectives for the coming year. We are, as always, looking for any help you can give in achieving these goals. As each one is accomplished, our neighborhood becomes a better place.


A high priority of OHI has always been to help make our neighborhood safe. To this end we have committed to adding additional security cameras in our neighborhood. We have received a $5,000 grant for 2019 to install additional cameras in our neighborhood. The cameras have a wide field of vision and the records of activity can be viewed by law enforcement in the event of an incident. These cameras are made available to us through a special program of the City and facilitated by the office of Councilwoman Darlene Harris. In addition to this, we continue to help organize and coordinate effective block watches. We have designated a Board member to lead this effort by enlisting Block Watch Captains and providing updates to the community.

Neighborhood Communications

It is essential for any community organization to effectively communicate with its residents, and admittedly we can do a better job. We have designated a member of our Board to establish a new website that we can maintain ourselves to keep information fresh and relevant, to provide transparency by publishing our meeting minutes, the OHI Journal, and other Board business, and to encourage communication back from the community. Look for this website to come soon, and be sure to check it out when it arrives. We also maintain and are committed to grow an email contact list for anyone in the neighborhood who would like to receive a monthly Calendar of Events. The OHI Journal will be sent to the households in Observatory Hill and are also posted online in the Newsletter dropdown.

Our Business District

The heart of any community is its business district and ours is no exception. We are committed to organize an effort that will improve communication between OHI, the community, and the business district. We continue to stay informed as to which businesses move into our neighborhood and then to assist and welcome them. We have in the past worked with the City to bring new trash receptacles to the district, and we are currently working with Darlene Harris’ office to get new streetlights. We are compiling a list of the businesses and will better engage them in our process and events. We have purchased three vacant buildings and are in the process of securing leases for interested tenants.  We have a house on Mairdale in a tax sale to acquire it to allow for expansion of our businesses. We have worked with an attorney to place the Lamb of God Church into a conservatorship.  It has been abandoned for more than a year, has caught fire twice and is being vandalized.  We hope to secure and stabilize it and to restore the buildings.

Community Involvement and Outreach

We are committed to host two more Community Dinners, which give residents from all over Observatory Hill the opportunity to share in fellowship and a great meal. We are planning to host a House Tour this year that brings our whole neighborhood together and showcases our stock of historic homes to people from across the Pittsburgh region, who come for the Tour. We are instituting a new program that will identify and recognize a “Good Neighbor” every month. Lastly, we invite you to community meetings to hear the latest on local developments, ask questions, and let us help you resolve neighborhood issues. You can meet representatives of City government, police, local leaders. Meetings held the third Wednesday of the month, 7p.m. Byzantine Seminary 3605 Perrysville Ave.