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Summer 2017 Newsletter
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Bonvue Street Revitalization Project - Phase 1

Over two years ago, we began a process of working towards improving the quality of life in our neighborhood.  A development company was formed, a team was assembled and we got to work by targeting both Bonvue Street and the business district for much needed improvements.  We started acquiring abandoned and blighted properties in an effort to stabilize the area, to attract new businesses and to provide affordable homeownership opportunities to those with even a modest income.

At the March 2016 board meeting of the URA, our final piece of funding was approved for the rehabbing of our first five residential properties. They provided us with $400,000 in loans and grants and an additional $150,000 in deferred second mortgage loans which will keep these newly renovated houses affordable.  Additional funding has also been provided by Slovak Savings Bank.

We have watched with excitement as the architectural drawings came to life with new powder rooms, new kitchens and updated facades.  In total, we have almost a million dollars being invested into Bonvue Street as part of phase one of our project and we thank so many who have made this possible: the URA, SSB Bank, the Northside Leadership Conference, the Northside Community Development Fund and the Rivers Casino.



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                                      111 Bonvue Street - $170,000






                          Architectural drawings provided by VAF Architecture