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Vibrant neighborhoods
don’t just happen.
They’re the result of
years of hard work
and effort.  Investing
time and money is an
important part of 
strengthening our
stellar neighborhood.

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About Observatory Hill

Observatory Hill is nestled along the eastern rim of stunning Riverview Park.  Founded in 1894 by the former City of Allegheny, Riverview Park showcases the lush, wooded, and rolling Western Pennsylvania terrain.  The park’s central historic landmark, Allegheny Observatory,
sits on the highest elevation point in the park and offers wonderful views of downtown Pittsburgh and the Ohio River Valley from its steps.  The natural stonework of the park’s walls and structures dates back to the Great Depression and the public building projects of the 1930s.  The historic stone features harmonize with Riverview’s distinctive natural landscape.

 A century ago, urban planners began to focus on “Garden City” concepts to bring nature into the city. These ideas are realized in Observatory Hill’s city living experience.  We have limitless opportunities just minutes from our homes to connect with nature, exercise, and socialize with friends and neighbors.  Popular activities in the park include hiking and nature walks, dog walks and runs, bird watching, running, tennis, cycling, swimming, horseback riding, free movies, and jazz concerts.

As you visit the wide avenues and winding wooded roads of Observatory Hill, you will experience a special residential neighborhood featuring unique architecture that harmonizes with the beautiful natural landscape around.

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Meetings are the Third Wednesday of the Month, 7:00 PM.

Byzantine Seminary, Rear Entrance
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Phone: 412.736.2489
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