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Bonvue Street Revitalization Project - Phase 2

Construction on Bonvue Phase II began in November 2021. This phase repeats what was done in Phase I - the rehabbing and selling of five revitalized homes to home owners. Thanks to Housing Opportunity Funds from the Urban Redevelopment Authority, three of the five homes are locked down for affordable housing.

Current houses under construction:

4 and 121 Bonvue:  both to be sold at market rate

125, 127 and 217  Bonvue:  Up for sale under affordable guidelines and will have income restrictions. These homes will have a 99 year covenant locking them down as affordable homes.  We are partnering with the City of Bridges on the marketing and the selling of these homes with this new funding source.  Anyone interested in one of these houses will be directed to City of Bridges.

Phase II began with the removal of a rowhouse (#123 Bonvue) which was vacant for over a decade. Due to the extensive damage, it could not be salvaged.  This space will now become off street parking pads.