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Vibrant neighborhoods don’t just happen. They’re the result of years of hard work and effort. Investing time and money is an important part of strengthening our stellar neighborhood.

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3131 Perrysville Avenue

3131 Perrysville Avenue

Home of Allan Byers & Mick Rizzo

This handsome house on the edge of Riverview Park was built in 1916 by a man who owned a stone company. The home went into foreclosure at some point and fell into disrepair. Bill Oberst, an Observatory Hill neighbor, bought it in 2010 and installed a new roof, new double-hung windows, new plumbing and electrical systems, new heating and air conditioning systems, and new kitchen appliances while retaining many of the original moldings and trim. Mick and Allen found the house online and bought it in 2011. "We were afraid it would be gone by the time we were ready—many neighbors even told us that they had been thinking of buying it!" says Allan.

As beautifully renovated as the house was, Mick and Allan felt that it was still not complete. They redesigned the landscaping and added the spectacular observatory deck in the back. Excavation for the deck project revealed an original stone patio! Brendan Wallace, a master craftsman with Living Earth Builders, built the pergolas and observatory deck out of locust wood.

On your way in, note the original banister in the entryway. In the living room, original woodwork and antique leaded glass offset the modern sheet metal sculpture and the pigskin sconce from Spain. Mick restored the fireplace himself with ceramic tile. The dining room features a beautiful view of the park and the city’s western skyline. Be sure to check out the ceramic art from Barcelona. The sunroom contains a large ceramic piece created by Doug Snyder of San Diego. In the master bedroom is an original oil painting purchased from Ernesto Martino, a street vendor located in Rome’s Piazza Navona (famous for its four fountains).

Mick and Allen love their home—which they affectionately call Chateau Rizzo—and enjoy its proximity to both the city and the country. They visit the park nearly every day with their dog, Nellie, and plan to retire here.