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Vibrant neighborhoods don’t just happen. They’re the result of years of hard work and effort. Investing time and money is an important part of strengthening our stellar neighborhood.

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158 Watson Boulevard

158 Watson Boulevard

Jasun and Barbara have worked as a team renovating 158 Watson since moving in almost five years ago. Together they have knocked down walls; hung drywall; stripped all the first floor woodwork, including the stairs, of its flat green paint; designed and built the kitchen, the deck off the back of the house, and the new second floor layout.
They were smart to have torn the crumbling back porch off and built the deck before starting work on the kitchen. Last summer almost all their meals were grilled on the deck or “tree house” as their friends call it, because it is high off the ground and surrounded by trees.

The house was advertised as a “handyman’s special”. Weary of this description, they drove past the house before meeting the realtor just to see what kind of special it was. The bushes were completely overgrown and when the wind blew it took a gallon of paint off with it. Barbara remembers sitting in the car telling Jasun that the house “just needs a little love.”

This house is very special to the Stantons not just because it is their first house, but because they have done all the work by themselves and together.