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Vibrant neighborhoods don’t just happen. They’re the result of years of hard work and effort. Investing time and money is an important part of strengthening our stellar neighborhood.

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301 Richey Avenue

301 Richey Avenue

Jessica and Steven Yannelli are the proud owners of their newly refurbished home at 301 Richey Avenue. They purchased this single family home two years ago, and believe that it was originally built around 1910. Since buying the property, Jessica and Steven have performed extensive renovations and improvements both inside and out.

From Richey Avenue, visitors will notice the newly painted front porch and landscaping to the front yard. Inside, the entryway has been re-done to reveal the detail on the posts and original hardwood surfaces. In the living room, the Yannelli’s have restored the original carved wooden mantelpiece, tiles and summer grate, and a 1904 antique bridge lamp. In the dining room, they have also restored the mantelpiece and antique curio cabinet. The kitchen has been completely refurbished with a new ceiling fixture, countertops, copper backsplash and appliances. Jessica and Steven have also installed new windows with custom trim throughout the house.

With a good deal of dedication and hard work, the hallway and stairway to the second floor have been restored to reveal their original hardwood. On the second floor, one of the bedrooms has been re-configured into an office, with the transom having been refurbished and new carpeting installed. In the second bedroom, which will be used as a guest bedroom, Jessica and Steven have exposed the decorative fireplace and restored the original wooden mantelpiece. In the master bedroom, they have also refurbished the mantelpiece and installed new tiling. The bathroom on the second floor has also been restored, including the original claw foot bathtub. The Yannelli’s have completely gutted and refurbished the third floor of their house with new plumbing, flooring and carpeting, and have installed a wet bar. Visitors will notice throughout the house the restored stain glass windows, antiques, art work, and original architectural features. In back of the house, they have re-built the porch and installed a gazebo in the yard.

Jessica and Steven were married in 2005, and purchased the property as their first home together. They moved from the suburbs of Philadelphia to Observatory Hill because of its “charm, convenience, and genuine sense of community.” Jessica and Steven invite you to tour their home and note the extensive restoration of the historic and architectural detail of 301 Richey Avenue. Visiting the home, the hard work and dedication of the Yannelli’s shows why we can say, “Philadelphia’s loss… Observatory Hill’s gain!”