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3 Marshall Road

3 Marshall Road

Home of Marc Reisman & Barbara Davis Glynn.

Benjamin P. Welsch, an Allegheny City pharmacist with a shop on Federal Street, hired the Keeley & Reefer Construction Co. to build No. 3 Fairview Avenue (three names and 20 years later this became Marshall Road). Construction began in the late fall of 1902 and was completed in June of 1903 for $6,500. The house was fully lit with electricity and a phone was installed. Heating was provided by gas burners in every room of the house except the kitchen and bath.

Mr. Welsch had a knight motif built into details of the house. Fleur-de-lis, shields and armor are found in the stained glass and light fixtures. A gallant gentleman of brass, given as a gift to the current owners by the previous owners, stands guard on the stairway in the foyer.

The current owners knew immediately on walking in the door that they had found their home. Much of the original interior remains intact: mantels with gas fireplaces and enameled tile, hardwood floors, a built-in china cabinet, and stained glass. The walls are covered with Edwardian-era, reproduction Williamsburg wallpaper. “We had lived in the East End for over 25 years but were so drawn to the house, the neighborhood and the park across the street that we made the decision to leave; a decision we don’t regret.”