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133 Marshall Avenue

133 Marshall Avenue

The History of 103 and 133 Marshall Avenue.

May 19, 1892, the heirs of William S. Bissell registered the Mayfield Plan of Lots with the City of Allegheny (Plan Book Volume 12, pages 186-7). On September 1, 1898, Rufus and Emma Martin, and Samuel and Anna Evans purchased four vacant lots, Nos. 226, 229, 230 and 231, in the plan for $13,000 from the Bissell family. They paid $6,500 cash and carried a mortgage of $6,500. The deed shows agreement that no building on those lots would be constructed for less than $4,500.

Lot No. 226, now known as 103 Marshall Avenue, was purchased with its current structure by John G. and Anna F. Ingham for $10,000 on March 24, 1899. The house remained in the Ingham family until July 1, 1929.

Lot No. 231 is now known as 133 Marshall Avenue.